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SPX Johnson Pump Offers Centrifugal Pumps for the Offshore Industry

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

SPX, a division of Johnson Pump, which manufactures and markets pumps and equipment for multiple industries, offers a number of centrifugal pumps that are ideal for use in offshore utility applications. Pump models include CombiSump, CombiSumpMag, CombiPro, CombiProMag, and CombiProV.

The Combi-system from SPX Johnson Pump offers modular solutions using common components that can be shared across all of the models in the series. Material, impeller, and sealing options enable each pump to meet a wide range of application requirements in many types of water pumping situations.

The CombiSump and CombiSumpMag are ideal for use with thin liquids because they utilize long vertical shaft sump pumps. They have a minimum submersible depth, but they also ensure increased reliability, due to the highly effective silicon carbide axial and radial bearings, which are lubricated. The electric motor is located away from the pumped liquid, and pump depths can easily be adjusted.

These pumps are designed for low Net Positive Suction Head (NSPH) values and offer easy maintenance with a compact form. The CombiSump utilizes either mechanical or packed gland seals, while the CombiSumpMag has a magnetic coupling to eliminate leaks.

The CombiPro series of centrifugal pumps are ideal for hydrocarbon duties. Their standardized seal chambers are designed to fit all API 682 seal configurations with the choice of single or dual seal construction. The option of a seal-less design that utilizes magnetic couplings, in accordance with API 685, is also available.

All the CombiPro series pumps are designed with API 610 base plates, and the modularity of the range makes it possible to find the optimum base plate configurations for each pump and motor combination.

SPX is experienced at supplying pumps to the offshore industry in Norwegian markets where pump components are sourced from NORSOK approved suppliers. The Combi ranges are an ideal choice because they offer reliability, modularity, and flexibility, in addition to high performance with low installation and maintenance costs.

Source: SPX Johnson