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Sulzer debuts new range of single, stage, double flow, axially split pumps

Sulzer, a leading pump manufacturer, has introduced the SMD -- a single stage, axially split double suction pump designed for raw or clean water applications. The SMD pump range is an extension of Sulzer's traditional SM and SMN series. And the company's design and manufacturing experience has resulted in a long-lasting pump that is easy to maintain.

The SMD was designed with the tightest technical specifications in mind, to meet the highest levels of efficiency and suction performance for current and future process demands. The innovative design provides for an optimum hydraulic fit for each duty point. It ensures lower energy consumption and the best hydraulic performance over a wide range of flows.

The new pump also also offers quality suction performance with optimum NPSHR from the best efficiency point to maximum flow. This enables parallel operation with minimum increase in NPSH. Low NPSH provides increased flexibility when planning pumping stations and also offers sustained high efficiency levels over long periods of time. The SMD compact hydraulic dimensions combined with a decreased number of parts results in a cost-effective manufacturing process.

The standard range includes 20 sizes each with a minimum of two hydraulic options achieved through exchangeable impellers -- to optimize product and inventory costs. Extended hydraulic coverage is possible upon request.

Sulzer Pumps is a global leading in the design and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps.

Source: sulzerpumps.com