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Sulzer Equips Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brazilian Tourist City

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Sulzer,is a Swiss company specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment, founded in 1775 and established as Sulzer Brothers Ltd. in 1834. The manufacturer recently supplied aeration, mixing and pumping equipment to the first wastewater treatment facility in Campos do Jordão, a popular tourist destination approximately 180 kilometers east of São Paulo. The package represents the most comprehensive wastewater projects Sulzer is involved in.

The wastewater treatment facility was inaugurated in March 2014 and is the product of a partnership between Sabesp, the public water and wastewater utility in the State of São Paulo, and Araucária Saneamento S.A., a consortium of private companies headed by GS Inima Brasil.

The new plant uses biological treatment processes that include activated sludge followed by ultrafiltration membranes. It will serve 47,000 residents within the city and 700,000 tourists in the region annually.

Sulzer has supplied a comprehensive package of wastewater treatment equipment to the plant, which includes four Turbocompressors type ABS HST 9000, approximately 3,000 fine-bubble disc diffusers, eight submersible mixers type ABS RW and 13 sewage submersible pumps type ABS XFP. The products are ideal for wastewater treatment and offer many benefits including installation and start-up services. The combination of these products provides significant benefits higher energy-efficiency, lower costs of operation, and increased reliability.

Source: Sulzer