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Sulzer Pumps and FMC Technologies Sign Agreement

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Following several years of a successful working relationship, Sulzer Pumps Ltd and FMC Technologies, Inc. have signed a long-term and exclusive collaboration agreement to address the supply of pumps for subsea applications. This agreement includes further development of Sulzer Pumps’ technology to meet future needs of FMC Technologies and the subsea exploration & production industry.

Through this agreement, both companies are positioned to more effectively leverage cutting-edge technology; Sulzer Pumps provides world-class pumps and pumping solutions while FMC Technologies excels in subsea systems and advanced permanent magnet motor technology. Building on their past collaborations, these technologies will offer customers’ high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective subsea systems.

“The signing of this long-term and exclusive collaboration agreement is a natural progression of the long-standing cooperation already in place between Sulzer Pumps and FMC Technologies,” says Tore Halverson, Senior Vice President of Subsea Technologies, FMC Technologies.

“We look forward to providing the subsea market and customers with best-in-class pumping technology for many years to come," says Kim Jackson, Divisional President of Sulzer Pumps.

Over the past several years, Sulzer Pumps and FMC technologies have worked together to develop, build and qualify a new, high-speed helico-axial multiphase subsea boosting unit. Based on Sulzer Pumps’ world-renowned topside pump designs, a full-scale of the pump/motor unit has already been successfully tested at the pump company’s engineered test pool in Leeds, United Kingdom. The pump is driven by a permanent magnet motor, which offers higher efficiency, power, and speeds compared to conventional induction motors. This translates to better performance and cost-effectiveness for FMC Technologies` customers and the oil and gas upstream market.

Sulzer manufacturers a wide range of pumps including vertical pumps, multiphase pumps, submersible pumps, axially split pumps and much more.

Source: Sulzer.com