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Sundyne debuts ZeroLoss containment shell for its sealless magnetic drive pumps

Pump manufacturer Sundyne recently began shipments of its select sealless magnetic drive pumps that feature a new ZeroLoss containment shell. The company has already sold more than 50 pumps with this new feature, which extends the advantages of Sundyne's line of sealless magnetic drive pumps.

The ZeroLoss containment shell eliminates eddy current heating, a common issue with rotating equipment. This makes for better efficiency, especially with larger pumps with motors over 100 horsepower. That's where reductions in size of the magnetic couple and motor can result in significant operation cost savings. Smaller base plates can also be specified, which reduces the footprint and space savings.

Sundyne makes its ZeroLoss containment shell from proprietary material that was originally developed for modern aircraft. The material offers a range of benefits including high impact resistance, a low co-efficient of thermal expansion and high electrical resistivity. The rugged design means the ZeroLoss containment shell is able to endure a wide range of process applications including caustics handling, hyrdrocarbon processing, light oil transfer and water production, said Colin Guppy, general manager of Sundyne HMD Kontro.