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Sundyne designs new high-pressure pump

Pump manufacturer Sundyne has developed a new high pressure pump that doubles the flow of its standard HMP pump model. Sundyne created the first of the new HMP 7000 high-pressure integrally geared centrifugal pumps specifically for a modern petrochemical plant.

The new pump extends the HMP product line hydraulic envelope with flows up to 1,585 gpm (360 m3/hr) in order to meet the expanded production needs of large, new refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants. Sundyne HMP models are integrally-geared multi-stage centrifugal pumps that use proven technology to generate up to 14,500 feet (4,500 meters) of head. They are useful for petrochemical manufacturing applications such as PTA (Purified Terepthalic Acid), which is used to make specialty plastics that require extremely high production pressures.

Sundyne HMP pumps have been used around the world in fertilizer, plastics and hydrocarbon production since 1967. The new HMP 7000 offers a heavy-duty pump design available with one to four stages on a single gearbox, motor sizes up to 2500 HP, a small footprint, a new cartridge seal design and low NPSH on the first stage.

Sundyne manufactures and distributes a family of products including heavy duty ISO 13709/API 610 integrally geared centrifugal low-flow high-head pumps; direct drive and multi-stage pumps; sealless magnetic drive pumps that meet API-685, ANSI and ISO standards; and, high-speed multi-stage integrally geared compressors that meet API-617 standards for hydrocarbon and chemical processing, power generation, water management, and general industries.