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Sundyne ships new sealless magnetic drive pumps to pump distributors

Sundyne recently began shipping its new KM1516LF non-metallic sealless magnetic drive pump to distributors, the company announced.

The new, low flow pump is based on the Sundyne Ansimag Model KM pump platform. It's an economical alternative to mechanically sealed pumps with minimum flow rates down to 1 gpm and a total differential head of up to 170 feet. The new pump also features a patent-pending low-flow hydraulic design and molding technology, which results in greater operating control and efficiency, according to a Sundyne news release.

All Sundyne Ansimag sealless magnetic drive process pumps are fluoropolymer lined to prevent chemical reactions and corrosion while pumping caustic fluids. Centrifugal magnetic drive technology eliminates the mechanical seals found in conventional sealed pumps providing an environmentally safe, zero leak, pumping solution that meets all EPA fugitive emissions regulations.