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Swedish Butter Company Relies on Lewa Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Bregott is Sweden’s most popular brand of spreadable butter, produced by Danish/Swedish company Arla.  Swedish consumers rely on Bregott butter for its flavor and out-of-the refrigerator spreadability, which requires strict precision in both ingredients and metering during the production process. The Lewa pump system is a critical component of this highly regulated production process.

Bregott is produced by an exact combination of natural ingredients (water, rapeseed oil and brine) in a consistent and mechanized process.  The plant’s mixing system must meter with extreme precision in order to ensure consistent quality and to meet strict hygienic requirements.

Since the entire production facility runs at a highly automated level for both hygiene and efficiency, the pumps must be able to work nearly maintenance-free, with minimal process chain interruptions. Lewa pumps have supported this precise process for 10 years and counting. Lewa GmbH pumps meet Arla’s strict requirements for accuracy and high discharge pressures, while using easy to maintain food-grade level materials.

Based on the Ecoflow pump, and taking advantage of their modularity, different drives were combined to satisfy Arla’s pump range requirements of up to approximately 1 m³/h and 15 bar. The pumps are in operation about 20 hours per day (not necessarily all simultaneously), and are required to maintain a reproducible metering accuracy of + 1%.

"Thanks to the patented DPS Diaphragm Protection System, also used in the Ecoflow series, the diaphragm needs no positioning and the pumps can start reliably from any operating condition," says Jörg Sommer, product manager at Lewa.

The result is a high level of process reliability and resilience. With quick-change diaphragms, and an absolute suction pressure of up to 0.1 bar, automatic stroke adjustment and frequency control of the meter, the Lewa pump system allows for reliable regulation and full documentation of the entire process.

"Aside from the usual standards for the food industry, we have also made sure that the pumps can easily be cleaned," says Klas Erikson, maintenance team leader at Arla Foods Götene/Sweden.

Featuring minimal dead space, smooth stainless steel surfaces (1.4571), the hermetically sealed, oscillating monitored PTFE diaphragm pumps maintain consistency over many years, and prevent product contamination.

Providing high energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, and long service lifetime of the sandwich diaphragms, the Lewa system costs and lifetime costs remain remarkably low.  "The strict requirements for precision and robustness that our application demands have been met by Ecoflow pumps to our complete satisfaction," says Erikson.

Source: Lewa