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T80100 Hydra-Cell Seal-Less Pump Introduced by Wanner Engineering

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Wanner Engineering, a pump manufacturer that works with even the most difficult fluids, including sulfuric acid, spent caustics, herbicides, hot fluids, corrosive chemicals, slurries, and more, is introducing the T80100 Hydra-Cell sells-less pump. The new pump has been created to operate in a variety of challenging applications that include salt water disposal, salt water injection, bulk transfer, hydraulic lift, and steam generation.

Flow rates are extremely important, especially if you’re dealing with difficult materials. The seal-less pump offers flow rates of up to 96 gmp, with amounts up to 3,300 barrels per day at 366.1 l/min. The pump functions at pressures up to 1,500 psi (103 bar). Each Hydra-Cell T80100 is packing-free. It has been specially designed to replace horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps and packed plunger pumps in a variety of demanding oil and gas applications.

In addition, the T80100 pump features a seal-less, multiple diaphragm design. This special design is able to eliminate hazardous VOC emissions, as well as eliminating cleanup and disposal costs of packed-pump leakage. The need for external lubrication and maintenance and plunger wear problems associated with packing has been completely eliminated thanks to this custom design.

Zero leakage is extremely important. Not only can Wanner Engineering’s new seal-less pump run dry without damage, it can also operate with a closed or blocked suction line while pumping abrasive fluids.

With all of these amazing features, the new T80100 Hydra-Cell pump can compete with conventional plunger pumps by offering a lower cost of ownership, reducing maintenance needs, and providing a longer service life than other products.

“Wanner Engineering believes so strongly in our new model T80100, that we have instituted a unique beta program for the first customers of the pump,” says John Wanner, VP of New Product Development. “Should a customer experience pump failure, Wanner Engineering will have a replacement pump delivered in two business days, and we will pay for all shipping costs.”

Although Wanner Engineering has offices in Hong Kong and England, the T80100 Hydra-Cell seal-less pump is only available in North America.

Source: Wanner