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The New G3M Triplex Process Diaphragm Pump Successfully Used in Various Applications

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The G3M, a heavy-duty, medium-sized triplex unit, was originally developed by pump manufacturer Lewa to bring re-liquefied boil-off gasses from LNG tankers to a high-pressure level. The triplex process diaphragm pump is also able to be used in the chemical industry, offshore applications on oil platforms, and more. The G3M will be one of the main exhibits of Lewa GmbH at ACHEMA 2015.

The pump can attain a maximum output of 200 kW thanks to its stroke length of 120 mm and a rod force of 125 kN. In addition, the pump can operate effectively while achieving pressure between 40 and 750 bar. The pump injects monoethylene glycol and methanol. It can handle highly flammable materials such as vinyl acetate, slurry in the wet oxidation, and high-pressure metering of liquid ammonia.

Just like the other models in Lewa's triplex series, the G3M is equipped with an integrated worm gear. The monoblock drive element housing is able to reduce the number of bearings and seals required, while providing a highly compact design. The flow rate is controlled using a frequency converter that regulates the change of the motor RPM. With all of its features, the process pump is able to operate continuously, problem-free, for more than 40,000 hours.

Lewa is developing multiple pump heads to fit the G3M, relying on existing, proven technologies so that the pump can be adapted for use in multiple situations. Even high-pressure applications will be possible with the M800 pump heads.

A synchronization of up to four process pumps can be implemented, and a technical animation will be shown at ACHEMA that demonstrates all of the possibilities. The goal of harmonizing the pumps is to reduce the pulsation of the pumped fluid and prevent vibrations in the pipelines that have the potential to damage the system.

Operation sites will be shown in diagram form on a large monitor, and in repair mode, pumps can be switched off while the other pumps take over the preset flow rate.

Source: Lewa