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Thomas Launches New Diaphragm Liquid Pump

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Thomas, a pump manufacturer that offers heavy-duty oil lubricated Pitot tube pumps, solids handling, self-priming pumps, and more, has recently launched a new diaphragm liquid pump for use in laboratory applications and the inkjet printing industry. The THOMAS 1510 is designed for the quick suction of liquids, even when the substance is mixed with gas. With 26 years of service, Thomas is able to offer superior customer service and a wide variety of specialized repairs, including future repairs of the THOMAS 1510. The pump manufacturer even has a team of highly-trained technicians that specialize in pilot tube pump repairs.

The diaphragm design of the new THOMAS 1510 pump ensures consistent flow with minor pulsations, making it able to fit perfectly into existing applications that utilize laboratory equipment and inkjet printing.

Because of the fast suction capabilities of the diaphragm liquid pump, laboratory instruments equipped with the THOMAS 1510 pump benefit from higher throughput and reliable test results. It can empty vessels quickly due to its high-suction performance.

High printing quality is extremely important to businesses that depend on professional inkjet printed products. In order to achieve the best printing quality, inkjet printers need to utilize a steady delivery of ink to the print head. The diaphragm liquid pump provides a consistent flow with very little pulsation, in addition to delivering bubble-free ink to the print head.

The THOMAS 1510 pump is also designed to prevent leakage and damage. An integrated pressure relief valve avoids overpressures in the system that are likely to be caused by liquid. The diaphragm liquid pump from Thomas is completely customizable, making it especially valuable for use in the industrial inkjet printing industry for processing inks that include additives. The pump can even be customized with abrasion or chemical resistant materials, depending on the application.

Source: Thomas