A Better, Faster Way to Source Pumps

Thompson Pump's compact pump series combines powerful pump with smaller size

Thompson Pump’s compact pump series provides the advantages of the Thompson Pump JSC series with the benefits of a smaller size, including lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance and lower price, according to the Construction Equipment Guide. 

The Thompson compact pump is 35 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter but offers the same performance as a standard size pump with 24-hour run time fuel tank, according to the pump manufacturer.

The pumps are available in the most common diesel-drive portable pump sizes of 4 and 6 in. (10 and 15 cm). The compact series offers an economical alternative to similar sized portable pumps, with significant savings compared to standard 4 and 6 in. compressor-assisted pumps.

The series includes the Enviroprime system — which keeps the pumpage (water and wastewater especially) from discharging into the environment.