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Traditional Rotary Lobe Pump Design Reimagined with New Technology from NETZSCH

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The NETZSCH TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pump has reimagined the traditional rotary lobe pump design. The new rotary lobe pump reduces maintenance, energy costs, and costs of ownership, while increasing operational uptime.

Traditional rotary lobe pumps also function as positive displacement pumps, with the pumping action generated by the counter-rotation of the two rotors inside the pump chamber. The media enters the pump chamber and is moved by the rotors to the outlet port where it is then discharged. The pumps use rubber-covered lobes that require bolted-in metal wear liners.

NETZSCH decided to rethink these conventions. Instead, it considered reversing the construction by making the lobes in steel and constructing the housing out of rubber. Engineers were looking for a way to combine the wear resistance of a progressing cavity pump with traditional rotary lobe pump technology, and the TORNADO T2 was born.

Engineers found a way to use dissimilar materials for the static and dynamic pump head components. The elastomeric surfaces are subjected to lower dynamic loTading with this design, which results in less plastic deformation and stress. In addition, the new design does not require O-rings or gaskets, offering a robust construction and easy maintenance.

A single, synchronous toothed timing belt is used with the new design, which eliminates intense maintenance and the oil required to run traditional units, which ultimately lowers operational costs. It is the same technology used in the automotive industry.

The tooth belt drive system improves maintenance, a unique pulsation reduction system enables better solids handling, and pump housing that includes integrally cast round flanges offer access to the internal workings of the pump without the need to disassemble it.

The new TORNADO T2 from NETZSCH challenges conventional wisdom. The new design is able to resolve a lot of typical customer pain points, ensuring maximum operational performance. Because the new pump offers high reliability and durability, ease of maintenance, and a low total life cycle cost, it is a great choice for many applications.

Source: Netzsch