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Trimble and Badger Meter Offer Significant Savings to Major California Water Utility

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Trimble, known for its GPS technologies, and Badger Meter, a leading marketer and manufacturer of flow measurement and control technologies, has enabled the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities to streamline installations while saving money with the Trimble Unity solution. The initial rollout produced returns within three months, with the full deployment expected to achieve a savings of $1.6 million over five years.

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities operates nearly 1,600 miles of pipes with 135,000 service connections between two water plants. The Department of Utilities is deploying new endpoints with a BEACON AMA system using ORION two-way fixed network endpoints for the Advanced Metering Analytics solution. It has selected Trimble Unity software in order to manage critical utility assets and field operations.

Trimble partnered with Badger Meter to modify the Trimble Ranger 3 for operation within the ORION two-way fixed communications network. Projects can eventually be imported into the Trimble Unity and dispatched out into the field. There, crews can use the Trimble Ranger 3 handheld computers to sync their jobs with Wi-Fi, program the meters, capture meter information and condition data, and transmit the data back to the office.

"The Trimble Unity solution has enabled the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities to streamline the Advanced Metering Analytics installation project work and allowed us to extend our Trimble Ranger 3 handheld investment beyond programming the ORION endpoints," says Elsie M. Fong, the Water Meter Reading Automation Program Leader for the Department of Utilities. "The Trimble app was designed to collect important water meter inspection data and eliminate an inefficient and risky manual paper process."

The Trimble Unity solution is cloud-based and offers a mobile collaboration software platform that includes applications that can manage critical utility assets and field operations. By integrating GIS and field operations, Trimble Unity is able to offer a comprehensive solution for improving operations, reducing costs, enhancing customer service, and regulatory reporting.

Source: Trimble