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Vaughan Chopper Pumps Provides Maximized Gas Production to Northumbrian Water Sites

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

System Mix, a company specializing in mixing systems, has helped improve the operational success and environmental sustainability of Northumbrian Water’s advanced anaerobic digestion operations with its Vaughan HE12 chopper pumps.

Due to policy changes, Northumbrian Water embarked on the construction of one of UK’s largest thermal sludge drying facilities. The project was part of the NW TEES strategy for providing centralized treatment to municipal sewage and industrial effluents at multiple locations. Locations included Middlesbrough and Teeside area on a single site at Bran Sands, and dewatering with lime stabilization at the Howdon site.

System Mix supplied and installed 6 Vaughan HE12 chopper pumps that operate on a duty-standby basis. The mixer pumps have been in operation for six years.

As part of Northumbrian Water’s recent inspections and modifications, one of the digesters needed to be emptied and cleaned. The process took less than a month and left behind a residue of less than 5% of the total digester volume. This is an excellent example of how effective the pumps are. The digesters have maintained their working volume at 95%, allowing Northumbrian Water to benefit from maximized gas production.

Some digesters only operate for two or three years and contain 75% debris by volume, which results in significant cleaning costs. The new chopper pumps are able to mix to the overall operational performance of AD systems with low maintenance requirements.

System Mix is the only UK supplier of the bespoke design Rotamix and STM tank mixing systems using the Vaughan chopper pump, which means System Mix is uniquely placed to make important contributions to the success of AD plants.

Andy Parr, Director at System Mix comments, “Today, AD operators need to maximize the sustainable credentials of their plant and equipment even further, and we are confident that the benefits of our mixing systems are becoming even more relevant and important, as illustrated by the results of our involvement at NW’s Bran Sands site.”

Source: System Mix