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VerderFlex Offers Peristaltic Pumps for Reliable Wastewater Performance

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

VerderFlex, a leader of peristaltic hose pumps, tube pumps, and an international wastewater instrumentation manufacturer, has provided the Halifax-based Smart Storm with peristaltic pumps as part of the wastewater sample systems it manufacturers. According to VerderFlex, the pumps provide reliable and accurate performance, helping the Hydrocell sampler system measure the volume and toxicity of wastewater effluent. Smart Storm manufactures the world’s most advanced water treatment products for waste water measurement and control. It also engages in the research and development of innovative new products.

A reliable and accurate pumping solution that also offers the ability to lift trade effluent up to seven meters, prior to being measured and analyzed without the need of a secondary pump, was needed by Smart Storm. Verderflex R3DC OEM peristaltic pumps from VerderFlex fit these requirements, so it was chosen for the project. According to the international wastewater instrumentation manufacturer, they are compact, easy to maintain, and combine the required performance needed with a track record of high performance in multiple industrial waste applications.

The peristaltic pumps are needed because of the existing wastewater sampler that was installed in 2013. It is a state-of-the art product that is capable of meeting the harsh demands of industrial wastewater, replacing the existing wastewater sampler. It includes Universal Smart Instrumentation (USI), which provides a graphical, user-friendly interface, in addition to Windows CE programming.

“We chose the Verderflex pump because its vertical lift capacity of nine meters far exceeded that of other manufacturers’ pumps; its reliability was very impressive and it was extremely robust,” says Smart Storms managing director, Dr John Duffy. “Often the pump is the weakest part of a wastewater sampler, so reliability is paramount. We have now been using Verderflex pumps on our samplers for two years and we have not had a single failure.”

Source: VerderFlex