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Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps Used in Hydrocell Wastewater Sampler System by Smart Storm

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Smart Storm, a leading international wastewater instrumentation manufacturer based in Halifax, has turned to the peristaltic pumps offered by Verderflex for the wastewater sampler system it manufactures. It needed a pumping solution that offers reliability, accuracy, and the ability to lift effluent up to 7 meters, before being measured and analyzed, with no need for a secondary pump. The Verderflex R3DC OEM peristaltic pumps were the perfect choice because they are compact, easy to maintain, and combine performance with a proven track record with many industrial waste applications. The pumps are to be used in the Hydrocell sampler system, which measures the volume and toxicity of wastewater effluent.

Smart Storm started seeking out a new design in 2013, with the goal that it would replace the existing sampler with a product that would be able to meet the demands of the wastewater sampling industry. The new product, called the Hydrocell sampler, includes Universal Smart Instrument (USI) technology, which is the only product on the market that offers a friendly graphical user-friendly interface with Windows CE programming.

“To ensure that the new product exceeded the specification of the existing product and that of our competitors, we also required the pump to perform to a higher standard than that of the old sampler pump,” says Smart Storms Managing Director, Dr. John Duffy. “After exhaustive tests on numerous pumps, the Verderflex R3DC OEM pump was chosen. We chose the Verderflex pump because its vertical lift capacity of 9 meters far exceeded that of other manufacturers’ pumps, its reliability was very impressive, and it was extremely robust. We have now been using Verderflex pumps on our samplers for two years and we have not had a single failure.”

"Our R3DC pump is ideal for this type of demanding application," adds Neil Thomas of Verderflex. "It features a robust design with thick-wall tubing, and in addition to its high lift capability and a DC motor, which can accommodate speed and flow-rate variations, it can handle flow rates up to 3.4 l/min."

Source: Verderflex