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Vertical Sealless Magnetic-Drive Pumps to Be Supplied to New Chemical Plant by Sundyne

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Sundyne, a designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps and compressors, will be providing vertical sealless magnetic-drive pumps to a new chemical processing plant that is currently being built in Freeport, Texas, thanks to a recently secured contract. The pumps that Sundyne plans on providing include four LMV-801S vertical inline sealless magnetic-drive pumps. Sundyne has manufacturing and service facilities in the United States, England, France, Spain, and China. It serves customers in over 117 countries with over 900 employees. In addition to offering the LMV-801S vertical inline sealless, magnetic-drive pump, Sundyne also offers many additional mission-critical, niche products in a variety of large and growing end markets.

This new contract is a first for this particular pump, as the LMV-801S was only recently launched. This innovative new pump combines API 685 sealless magnetic-drive technology with Sundyne API 610 OH3 and OH5 vertical direct drive pump hydraulics and wet end technology to create a brand new, high-efficiency product.

The engineering contractor overseeing the development and construction at the plant in Freeport chose the Sundyne LMV-801S pump specifically. Unlike some other products on the market, the vertical sealless magnetic-drive pump from Sundyne can deliver a flow of up to 380 GPM at high differential head for up to 720 feet, all while maintaining NPSHA. Other reasons why the Sundyne pump was chosen by the contractor include the fact that it is environmentally friendly, efficient, and reliable, which makes the LMV-801S pump design stand apart from other vertical pump designs.

When the LMV-801S pumps are finally installed in the new chemical plant, Sundyne is confident that they will provide highly reliable, leak-free performance while improving the overall safety of the plant, productivity, and offering lower life-cycle operating costs.

Source: Sundyne