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Viking Pump creates pump museum in honor of 100 year anniversary

Viking Pump has created a museum highlighting the company's 100 years of pump innovation to celebrate the company's centennial. The company manufactures rotary positive displacement pumps.

Housed at the company's headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the  pump museum includes the original pump created by Viking and then travels through history to the company's current pumping applications. It includes artifacts, interactive displays and demonstrations of new technology, according to Viking news release.

One display shows the highlights of the pump creation process from start to finish. The pumps begins at Viking's foundries as raw material. The exhibit the takes you through the melt, mold, shakeout, machining and assembly of the pump. Another display shows the range of idler sizes created by Viking including the smallest idlers -- weighing in at a quarter of a pound -- and the largest, which weighs nearly 250 pounds.