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Vogelsang Presents New IQ Pump and VX Series of Rotary Lobe Pumps for Chemical Media

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Vogelsang, a pump manufacturer known for their rotary lobe pumps, has released a new model of its IQ pump as well as its VX series of rotary lobe pumps for a variety of chemical media applications.

“Our VX and IQ rotary lobe pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its innovative design, the IQ series is extremely service-friendly and easy to handle. We now also offer the IQ pump in stainless steel for chemically aggressive media,” says Managing Director Harald Vogelsang.

The new IQ pump is made of stainless steel, including the pump cover, pump housing, and connections. The pump is ideally suited for use with chemically aggressive media, especially since it is highly resistant to acids.

The IQ series of lobe pumps are incredibly easy to handle and cheap to operate. Variable connections make for flexible installation and pumps do not have to be removed in order to perform maintenance work. Fewer spare parts means less time and money is wasted on replacing parts when they wear out. The gearbox housing’s new design with integrated liquid buffer ensures excellent dry running protection and a high suction capacity. The IQ pump operates at a delivery rate of up to 77 m³/h at a pressure of up to 8 bar.

When it comes to the VX series of rotary lobe pumps, there are 26 different models to choose from. The rotary lobe pumps are easy to maintain, self-priming, and resistant to dry running. In addition, the pumps are made with a nickel-based alloy, making them suitable for particularly aggressive media. The flow direction of the pumps can be reversed so that containers and tanks can be filled and emptied. In addition, pulsation-free HiFlo® rotary lobes ensure that media and substances that are sensitive to shear forces are pumped gently. The VX series of rotary lobe pumps can be maintained on-site, which saves money and time.

Source: Vogelsang