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Wastecorp Pumps introduces new triplex and quadruplex diaphragm pumps

The new Mud Sucker 3 and 4 series diaphragm pumps can help governments and small businesses save on spare parts costs. Wastecorp Pumps, pump manufacturer of the Mudsucker brand, recently introduced the new triplex pumps and quadruplux diaphragm pumps for pumping effluent and wastewater. The pumps use advanced materials of construction and mechanical diaphragm technology to create savings on parts costs.

The Mud Sucker pumps are capable of transferring solid laden wastewater from 50 to 31- GPM. The triplex diaphragm pump features three diaphragms for transferring food processing waste, raw effluent, wastewater and more fluid handling capabilities from 55 to 310 GPM. The  pumps are available in the company's flapper valve design or the high performance, solids crushing ball valve model.

The quadruplex diaphragm pump has four diaphragms for pumping even tougher stuff. The pumps come with Santoprene diaphragms for oil and chemical transfer or select corrosive pumping.

Source: Wastecorp Pumps