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Wastewater Products from KROHNE, Inc. to Be Showcased at WEFTEC 2015

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

KROHNE, Inc., a manufacturer of process measurement instruments including flow measurement, level measurement, temperature measurement, and more, will showcase a wide range of water and wastewater products, including its line of analytical sensors, at the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) 2015 in booth #3216. Products to be showcased include the TIDALFLUX flow meter, the OPTIFLEX 2200 TDR, OPTISONIC 7300 biogas ultrasonic flow meters, and many more.

One of KROHNE’s latest innovations for measuring less than full pipes is the TIDALFLUX flow meter. It is a member of the fully functional Storm Water Collection module that also includes a number of automation and communication devices that are produced by Phoenix Contact. During the module’s demonstration, a violent storm featuring lightning, thunder, and a torrential downpour will be recreated. It’s events like these that can cause storm water flows that exceed the influent capacity of a treatment facility. With the TIDALFLUX product, large quantities of storm water may be measured and diverted quickly, which in turn allows the treatment plant to avoid a dangerous overflow situation.

In addition to the TIDALFLUX flow meter, KROHNE will also be displaying the first family of two-wire loop powered analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology. This innovative technology allows the direct connection of the sensors to process control systems. The sensors can be configured with a HART handheld and can be calibrated offline with PACTware.

The full line of KRONNE’s water and wastewater products will also be featured in its booth. Additional products to be demonstrated include the OPTIFLEX 2200 TDR, OPTIWAVE 5200 radar and OPTISOUND VU30 level meters, the ENVIROMAG and WATERFLUX mags, the unique OPTISONIC 6300 P portable clamp-on and OPTISONIC 7300 biogas ultrasonic flow meters, and a variety of other temperature and pressure products.

Source: Krohne