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Water Agency Partners with Residents in Pico Rivera on Recycling Project

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

More than 75 Pico Rivera residents were able to review a Water Replenishment District (WRD) of Southern California plan to build a major wastewater recycling facility in their city. The residents collaborated with the WRD of Southern California on ways to make the project aesthetically-pleasing, as well as offer a venue for educational programs and community events.

The state-of-the-art recycling facility would purify billions of gallons of wastewater and utilize advanced treatment methods to replenish the groundwater. During the collaboration, residents were able to share their views on how the facility should be designed, as well as offer suggestions on community amenities the facility could provide. Suggestions include a sculpture garden, public access to the San Gabriel River bike path, and a community center that is available to the public.

"Whatever WRD does there, it will be better than what's there now," says Pico Rivera planning commissioner, Paul Gomez. He urged WRD to include instructional exhibits so students can learn about the importance of water conservation.

Robb Whitaker, general manager of WRD, assured residents that the agency would try its best to incorporate the community’s suggestions into the final plan. In addition, WRD officials promised to work closely with the community to mitigate the impact of possible traffic problems.

The meeting was also an opportunity for WRD officials to explain details about the project. It will include a 45,000 square foot water treatment facility that will occupy about a third of the 5.2 acre site, as part of the Groundwater Reliability Improvement Program. The project will pump groundwater out of area aquifers and provide about 40 percent of the water that is used by 4 million residents located in South Los Angeles County. When the water treatment facility is operational, WRD will no longer have to import water from Northern California or the Colorado River.

"We at WRD learned a lot today, and the public learned a lot about what our project entails," says Whitaker.

Source: WRD of Southern California