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Watson-Marlow Opens Direct Sales Office in Austria

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Watson-Marlow Pumps, based in London, has been a leader in positive displacement pump technology and tubing for over 50 years. The company is dedicated to providing local solutions on a global scale and recently announced the opening of its new office in Austria to serve this purpose.

The new office, staffed with a team of pump-sales specialists, will provide direct sales and technical support to Austrian customers and supporting sales to customers in Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia. Employees at the Austrian office are trained in a range of solutions from Watson-Marlow’s portfolio, including peristaltic pumps, tubing, Bredel high-pressure hose pumps, and Alitea OEM pumps.

“Watson-Marlow recognises the importance of delivering local support, says Ashley Shepherd, Acting General Manager of the Austrian office. “The Austrian market is an exciting and dynamic economy. Key sectors in this region include biopharm, food and beverage and traditional industry, too - all of which industries where our products deliver significant benefits over alternative pump technologies.”

With the opening of the Austrian office, Watson-Marlow now has direct sales offices in 24 countries, with representation in over 50 more. The company provides its engineered solutions to a broad range of industries and currently has over one million of its positive displacement pumps installed worldwide.

Source: Watson-Marlow