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WAYNE Pumps' sump pump to be featured on Designing Spaces - Think Green show

According to the companies website, WAYNE Pumps' has debuted its Silent Energy Efficient Sump Pump system aimed at keeping your basement dry -- and saving energy. The pump system, available for sale in November, will be featured on the Designing Spaces/Think Green show on the Women's Entertainment TV (WeTV) channel.

For the show, WAYNE Pumps' Director of Business Development Chuck Murphy walks host Jon Osbeck through the company's newest technologies by simulating a basement flood in a home. The Silent Pump System features a vertical float switch, which rises with water levels to turn on and turns off when water levels drop.

Murphy explained the pump's quiet operation due to upper and lower sealed ball bearings and its energy savings of up to 50 percent, which means potential savings of $75 per year for homeowners. One of the breakthroughs for the system is the silent check valve that eliminates the slamming that can occur during normal operation.  The check valve is like a small door that opens and closes as water passes through.

Instead of a "slam" to tell the homeowner the pump is working, the system has a Flood Alert wireless monitoring device. It can be mounted anywhere in the home with up to four receivers, providing the homeowner with constant assurance that the system is operating properly.

Wayne Pumps offers utility pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps, pool pumps and more.