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Wilden Advanced Series AODD Pumps for Industrial Wastewater Handling

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

A worldwide leader in air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, Wilden’s Advanced Series AODD Pumps were designed to effectively handle and treat wastewater as a byproduct of industrial operations.

Multiple design features contribute to the pump’s effectiveness in industrial wastewater applications. A redesigned liquid path and leak-free bolted construction provides superior transfer of particulate- or abrasive-compound-laden fluids. The Advanced Series pumps also provide a solution to overcome the dead-heading that can occur during filling operations; this is an advantage over motor-driven pumps, which cannot. Wilden offers this pump series in a variety of metal or plastic materials of construction.

Advanced Series metal pump options include die-cast aluminum, stainless steel and alloy C, while the Advanced plastic pump options include polypropylene and PVDF. Both pump types are available in 6 mm to 76 mm (¼ in. to 3 in.) sizes with flow rates from 16.7 L/min to 999 L/min (4.4 gpm to 264 gpm), and the ability to handle solids ranging from 1.6 mm to 51 mm (1/16 in. to 2 in.) in size. Wilden offers a variety of elastomers to address all abrasion, temperature, and chemical-compatibility concerns; options include rubber compounds, thermoplastic materials and PTFE (Teflon®).

Wilden’s Pro-Flo XTM Air Distribution System (ADS) provides cutting-edge operational flexibility for the Advanced Series pumps through its patented Efficiency Management System (EMSTM). The EMS control dial enables users to optimize the ADS, regardless of pump size, by allowing manual selection of the best flow rate for any application. The pump series is now also available with full-stroke PTFE diaphragms that deliver increased product displacement per stroke, translating to greater flow rates and higher efficiencies.