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Wilden Pump now offers bolted design in pumps

Wilden Pump now offers a bolted design for its Advanced Metal Series AODD pumps, the company recently announced.

The bolted design offers paint and coatings operators superior containment of products during the making and transfer of paint and coatings. The bolted design is available on the Wilden Advanced Metal Series AODD Pumps PX200 25mm (1”), PX400 38mm (1-1/2”) and PX1500 76mm (3”) stainless steel or aluminum models.

The new advanced bolted pumps delivers better leak resistance at higher pressures than clamp-banded designs, according to a Wilden Pump news release. This is a key benefit in paint and coatings production where the products are thick, viscous and hard to seal.

The bolted pumps also include a variety of elastomer options, as well as the Pro-Flo X air distribution system which allows the pump user to control the flow rate and maximize efficiency to reduce processing costs. Other product options such as full-stroke PTFE diaphragms and DIN flanges are available for specific application requirements.

Wilden is an operating company within the Dover Pump Solutions Group.