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Xylem Circulator Pump Wins Best Product of the Year

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Xylem’s Lowara Ecocirc circulator pump won the 2013 “Best Product of the Year” award at the 10th annual Plus X Award Ceremony, the world’s largest innovation award ceremony for technology, sport and lifestyle products. The ceremony honors manufacturers of unique and innovative products that are chosen through an independent, international panel of 25 judges from various industries.

The Lowara Ecocirc high-efficiency circulator pump complies with the 2015 ErP directive and is able to operate to a maximum of 10 bar, transferring liquids ranging from -10oC to +110oC in temperature. Circulator pumps are often a type of centrifugal pump. The pump was selected to receive the award for its unique magnetite-resistant “anti-block” technology, which separates the main flow of the transferred liquid from the permanent magnetic parts. This technology ensures that the pump will not become blocked by magnetite or sludge. Additionally, the pump’s electronics and components are protected by an integrated over-temperature protection system, which can automatically reduce the speed of the pump or bring it to a full stop, protecting the pump from overheating.

The Ecocirc pump is ideal for residential heating systems and can reduce electricity costs by up to 90% compared to traditional fixed three-speed pumps, offering a payback period of only 2-3 years. In a three-person household, the electricity savings can be up to $200 per year depending on local costs.

The impeller/rotor unit is the only moving component of the pump’s market leading electronically commutated spherical motor, allowing the pump to perform to its maximum capacity after any period of inactivity.

“To win an award of this magnitude is absolutely fantastic,” says Giorgio Menegazzi, Xylem’s global product manager for circulators. “At Xylem, we constantly strive to ensure our products meet our customers’ requirements while maintaining the highest pumping standards. To win the best product of the year award is a true endorsement of our product design and application expertise, and we’re delighted to have been recognized.”

The Lowara Ecocirc was also awarded the 2013 Plus X “Best HVAC Marketing Campaign in Germany” award.

Source: Lowara.com