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Xylem Inc. Introduces New High-Efficiency, Low-Speed Submersible Wastewater Mixer

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company, has launched a new high-efficiency, low-speed submersible wastewater mixer called the Flygt 4320. The new mixer offers a wide variety of benefits, including reduced energy costs of up to 50 percent. Because Xylem has operations in more than 150 countries, the new Flygt 4320 submersible wastewater mixer will be available worldwide.

The Flygt 4320 mixer can easily be adapted to meet changing process and load conditions, making it the perfect mixer for wastewater treatment applications. The mixer can be used in activated sludge treatment, sludge holding tanks and digesters, biogas applications, ice prevention, and oxygenation of lakes and harbors. The submersible wastewater mixer offers high efficiency with an integrated variable frequency drive, which minimizes life cycle and mixing energy costs.

Andreas Lindberg, Product Manager for Mixers at Xylem, says, “Our research and development team has succeeded in developing a mixer that offers optimum efficiency and simplicity of operation. A key reason for this is the mixer’s adjustability – once installed at a facility, the mixer thrust or speed can be altered to cater to that facility’s specific conditions; this can dramatically reduce energy consumption. It also future-proofs a facility’s mixing efficiency as the motor speed can be altered when the mixing demand increases or decreases. Every component is engineered in-house – from propellers and shaft seals to motors and gearboxes – so customers can be assured of Flygt quality and reliability.”

The Flygt 4320 mixer from Xylem can be utilized in remote communications, which means it can be integrated seamlessly into central control systems. The mixer also features a soft start and stop feature which allows for greater regulation of motor revolutions. This unique feature ultimately increases the stability of the mixing system while reducing electric inrush currents.

Source: Xylem