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Xylem Introduces Large High-Efficiency Circulators for Commercial Applications

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Xylem Water Solutions UK is adding the ecocirc XL range for light or commercial applications to its existing line of high efficiency circulator pumps. The new circulator is specifically designed for heating systems, domestic hot water systems, cooling systems, solar systems and ground source heat pump.

“We wanted to develop a circulator for commercial applications which could meet heating and cooling requirements across a broad range of applications, but still maintain the value and energy efficiency that we have come to expect with the ecocirc series, says Gary Wilde, Business Development and Marketing Manager for Xylem Water Solutions UK.

The smaller 100 Watt models are available as a range of single headed pumps for heating in light commercial applications. These models, able to meet any heating and cooling requirement, feature an innovative spherical design and all the standard features of Xylem’s existing ecocirc series, including Xylem’s unique Anti-Block technology. The series comes with a variety of standard connections, all with port to port length of 180mm. This ensures interchange ability with any standard market product.

“Our ecocirc XL offers clear energy efficient features already complying with the 2015 ErP regulations. The new circulator ecocirc XL is very easy to install, set and use. We have reduced the complexity for the user to a new minimum.”

The larger models for commercial applications feature a canned motor design. The range includes DN 32, DN40, DN 50, DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100 models, with a port to port length from 220mm up to 360mm. Twin head models DN 32 up to DN 80 come with a port to port length of 220mm to 360mm for heating applications. Single head threaded and flanged connections are also available in bronze for domestic hot water applications.

The ecocirc XL comes with standard control options controlled by an easy-to-use display, including constant pressure, proportional pressure, or constant curve. The user can input additional settings through the use of a standard wifi device with an optional wifi-module. The ‘automatic night setback’ function prevents the circulator from increasing performance levels without demand, which serves to reduce energy consumption and corresponding energy bills.

Four model ranges are available, including: 18 single head cast iron which boasts a spherical or canned motor design, 8 twin head cast iron and 10 single head for domestic hot water usage in bronze.

Source: Xylem