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Xylem Launches Saajhi Treadle Pump

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Xylem Inc. (NYSE: XYL) is a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water problems. Last month, the company announced the launch of an innovative treadle pump and the first product in Xylem’s planned “Essence of Life” line: Saajhi™. Essence of Life is a sustainable business model that focuses on fundamental needs of those living at the bottom of the economic pyramid and enables them to grow.

“Xylem is known for our industry-leading technology to address the most complex water issues around the world,” says Keith Teichmann, Xylem’s director of innovative networks and marketing. “As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, leveraging our global footprint and experience creating products based on the needs of our customers, we’ve launched this initiative to address an under-represented segment of the water market. There is a real daily need to overcome a very fundamental water challenge – getting water where it’s needed to efficiently irrigate small-scale crops to help appreciably improve annual crop yield. Addressing this issue will help us to build new markets for our products and those of our partners.”

Designed primarily for smallholder farmers in emerging markets, Saajhi (Hindi for ‘companion’) offers an innovative global, OEM-engineered solution for rural water management needs. The Saajhi pump is the product of extensive field research across India, Africa, Latin America, and Asia that included personal interviews and field tests with smallholder farmers.

Several features allow the Saajhi treadle pump to effectively handle the unique concerns of rural farming communities, the citizen sector organizations who support them, and Xylem’s agri-business partners. The pump does not require electricity or tools and is field-serviceable, with a minimal number of removable parts.

Keith Teichmann presented the Essence of Life plan during the “Modernizing Agricultural Water Management” session at the Asia Water Week in May, hosted by the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines.

Source: XylemInc.com