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Xylem's Bell & Gossett ESP System Syzer now an iPhone app

Now you can easily calculate flow rates and pressure drops in your piping system out in the field with Xylem's new mobile app for its popular Bell & Gossett ESP System Syzer. Xylem announced the apps availability in conjunction with Bell & Gossett's sponsorship of the ASHRAE Winter Technical Conference and AHR Expo this week in Chicago.

The mobile app allows HVAC professional to download the Syzer tool to their iPhone or iPad. The app provides several critical calculations and whiz bang features including:

  • The friction loss and velocity through various pipe types and sizes based on existing fluid conditions.
  • Calculating the relationship between fluid temperature, system flow and heating/cooling load.
  • A tool that shows the relationship between Cy, flow and head and accounts for fluid properties.
  • A pipe length, pressure drop tool that interfaces with the other calculators to view the relationship between pipe length, friction loss and total head loss.
  • And a bundled circuit setter and valve calculator that can be helpful during the design phase to help predetermine valve settings -- and determine flow through valves based on pressure drop readings in the field.

Now if it would only make you a sandwich for lunch. The high-tech application is based on the novel plastic wheel calculator designed by Bell & Gossett's Gil Carlson, often called the "Father of Modern Hydronics." Carlson introduced the System Syzer in 1963 and it's since been distributed to more than 100,000 engineers and tradesman.
The app is free. You can download it at the iTunes App Store.