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Xylem Wastewater Treatment Improves Colombian Plant

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Xylem won a $517,000 contract to design and manufacture a secondary wastewater system in Tolu, Colombia. This system will eliminate effluent odor problems and significantly improve water quality in the tourist town.

Xylem’s ICEAS secondary wastewater treatment plant will feature a Sanitaire aeration system, decanters, blowers, monitoring, controls and instrumentation. A Wedeco TAK UV disinfection system and Flygt sludge pumps will also be installed at the plant.

After installation, Xylem expects the plant to exceed local regulatory standards for effluent quality and reduce maintenance costs by 11 percent annually.

Due to improved effluent quality, the wastewater can be reused in multiple ways. Additionally, the second wastewater treatment plant will reduce required land area by more than 90 percent. The newly-freed land will be used for commercial development and to build a water reservoir.  

“We are delighted to be partnering with the authorities in Tolu to develop this innovative solution,” says Juan Contreras, project manager for Xylem in Colombia. “This type of innovation will provide a sustainable wastewater solution that will benefit the local eco-system and the environment in the region.”

The new wastewater treatment plant should be operational in November 2013.

Source: WorldPumps