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YouTube video shows pump manufacturer Blackmer's environmental work

Pump manufacturer Blackmer recently debuted a new video highlighting the company's commitment to environmental sustainability through both its products and manufacturing processes. Blackmer, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializes in rotary vane pump and reciprocating compressor technologies.

The video shows how the company has focused on producing energy-efficient flow solutions leading to the development of the Blackmer Smart Energy Flow solutions initiative. It also explains how the use of rotary vane technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 24 percent, when compared to other pumping technologies, according to the Blackmer news release.

The company has also worked to minimize the ecological impact of its manufacturing operations in various ways from reusing cardboard boxes to carefully capturing and reusing the sand that is needed to form the molds for compressor and pump castings. Blackmer has also streamlined its production processes to the point where one piece of equipment is now doing the job for four, while other plant improvements include replacing liquid-cooled compressors with highly efficient air-cooled compressors, and upgrading the lighting with energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures.

The Blackmer video is available on YouTube.com at www.youtube.com/blackmerglobal.

Source: www.pumpsg.com