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Pump Tweets - Pump Industry News and Announcements

Our Pump Tweets are a constant stream of pump industry news, product updates and commentary about the industrial pump market. Have news that you want to include in this section? Send the announcement to editors-at-pumpscout.com.

Cummins Wagner is the latest pump supplier to create a company profile and load their pump product line to PumpScout. Check out their line industrial PD and centrifugal pumps.

According to the company's website, ITT Water & Wastewater - Flygt Products has introduced a new series of sludge pumps. The pumps will be sold under Flygt's 2600 drainage pump range.

Griswold Pump has developed an online instructional video, instructing customer how to a mechanical seal. Visit www.GriswoldPump.com to watch the video.

Neptune Chemical Pump Company, a member of the Pump Solutions Group, offers a hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, called the Series 500. The pumps help farmers apply chemicals and fertilizers quicker, more precise, and cheaper than many other pumps on the market.

Warren Rupp's air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) have been recognized by Frost & Sullivan. Warren Rupp's AirVantage pump line was given the 2011 New Product Innovation Award, recognizing the product for its superior performance.

If you're new to the pump industry, we recommend checking out these popular pump terms.

Griswold Pumps, a leading centrifugal pump manufacturer, has announced a redesign of its corporate website. The website is one of the best in the business, offering instructional videos, product specs and an online pump selector.

Baker Hughes announced that it will supply Chevron with electric submersible pump systems for seven oil producing wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The pumps will be placed at a depth of 16,000 ft.

According to The Times-Picayune, the enormous pump drainage system is now in operation to protect the west bank of New  Orleans. The construction and pump installation has taken nearly 2 years to complete.

We've all experienced a broken pump shaft at some point in our career. J. Hamilton Wright makes a recommendation not to run centrifugal pumps at near shut-off or wide open unless you plan to replace the shaft. Read a great article on why centrifugal pump shafts break and how to prevent the damage.

KSB announces new fire fighting compact booster systems, which include several close coupled pumps, and inlet tank and controls. The system is designed to be very compact, able to fit through any standard door dimensions.

Grundfos has introduced a new dosing pump for water treatment and industrial process markets, according to the company’s website. The SMART Digital Dosing™ Pump Technology is designed to save time and operating costs. Grundfos is leading pump manufacturer for the residential, commercial-building and process industries.

Looking for tips on how to properly size a gear pump? J. Hamilton Wright gives us some advice on how to properly size and select gear pumps. He says is actually takes five pump curves to get what you want.

Pumps & Systems magazine announces its next live webinar series on June 30, 2011 at 1 p.m. Eastern. The series will focus on new pump designs equipped to improve energy savings and increase the pump life.

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing recently held their Pumpology - pump training course, according to the company's website. The course focused on pumping fundamentals, selecting the correct pumping equipment, installing and maintaining pumping systems, troubleshooting, pump maintenance, and much more. Look for the company to offer other training course in the future.

Godwin Pumps, a subsidiary of ITT Corporation and manufacturer of automatic self-priming, dry-running pumps, has opened a new branch in Poway, CA. The office will serve the San Diego areas marine, municipal and construction applications, as well as military applications.

Clark Solutions has announced a miniature diaphragm pump, called the Boxer 10K. Clark Solutions offers a wide range of pumps including piston pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, and bellows pumps.

Social media is a hot trend for businesses. The Dover Pump Solutions Group is certainly leading the way in social media in the industrial pump manufacturer space. PSG has engaged in strong content development throughout all the major social media channels, including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will be interesting to see if this effort increasing sales.

High pressure pumps from Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI), a San Fransisco company, will be used for a large expansion to the Blue Hills seawater reverse-osmosis desalination plant in the Bahamas.

Pump Engineering now offers a magnetic drive pump to handle aggressive fluids, according to the company's release. The pump is sealess and has a permanent magnet drive system that is built to pump corrosive acids and plating solutions.

Varna Products has introduced a vane pump for transfer applications where extreme high and low temperatures are possible, according to the company's website. The pump is quiet running, using Varna’s whisper-vane technology and is for use with non-corrosive fluids such as oils and coolants.

Pump expert Ross Mackay gives us some helpful tips when buying a slurry pump. He points our that although the emphasis on a slurry pump is always on the size and percentage of solids to be moved, it is also important to remember that many of these slurry applications are in services where corrosion resistance is also a factor. Make sure to clearly explain your application to your chosen slurry pump manufacturer before you buy.

According to the company's website, Franklin Electric, a manufacturer of industrial and submersible pumps, has completed the acquisition of a majority interest in IMPO. IMPO is Turkish groundwater pumping systems leader.

Leading German pump manufacturer Wilo SE has reported that 2010 was one of the most successful years in the companies history, with sales exceeding €1 billion for the first time.

Hydroflo Pumps, a leading industrial pump manufacturer, opens a new assembly facility in Panama and another in Grand Island, Neb. These plants will assemble vertical and submersible turbines.

Understand a few key factors before buying and installing a vertical turbine pump can prevent a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs. J. Hamilton Wright provides some advice when shopping for and installing a vertical turbine pump.

Blackmer, manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and vane pumps, will be exhibiting at the AEGPL Congress 2011 from 22-24 June. The show takes place this year in Romania.

Bornemann Pumps, a manufacturer of oil and gas pumps (including screw pumps and progressive cavity pumps), announced that it has developed a subsea skimmer that is capable of cleaning up deepwater oil leaks before they reach the surface.

The new Moyno closed couple centrifugal pump is ideal for municipal and industrial applications that require the transfer of highly viscous fluids and solids where a close coupled configuration is preferred, but the robustness of a gear joint is desired.

Pump cavitation can be a very dangerous and costly situation. But many don't realize that the symptoms of cavitation can actually be a number of different problems. The problem could be air entrainment, recirculation or cavitation. Ross Mackay helps us diagnose these pump problems and provides solutions.