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Pump Tweets - Pump Industry News and Announcements

Our Pump Tweets are a constant stream of pump industry news, product updates and commentary about the industrial pump market. Have news that you want to include in this section? Send the announcement to editors-at-pumpscout.com.

ITT Corporation to install large pumps at India's Coastal Energen thermal power plant. The seawater handling vertical column discharge pumps will be some India's largest pumps.

There are more than 40 major industrial pump types available on the market. It can be a major task to determine which pump is right for your application. PumpScout has developed this Pump Types Guide to help you out. The pump types are broken down by centrifugal pump and positive displacement pumps.

Pump supplier Danfoss Oil & Gas is set to introduce an ultra compact piston pump at the OTC this year. According to Offshore Magazine, the pump will offer 50-95% reduction in weight and size.

The spring rains are officially here, and sump pumps are in high demand. Here are a few sump pump manufacturers to consider if you are in the market. When purchasing a sump pump make sure to understand your systems head, flow, and installation options.

ITT Corporation receives $11 million to supply Flygt water pumps for India’s growing power market, according to the companies website.

KSB Limited (UK) wins “Environmental Contribution of the Year” at the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association 2011 pump industry awards.

In a recent article, Dr. Lev Nelik provides some helpful tips on how to extend the life of your pump.

J. Hamilton Wright, founder of J.H. Wright & Associates, has posted an article highlighting some of the advantages of self-priming pumps for industrial users.

PumpScout has added 10 new pump manufacturers and distributors within the last month, including: SRS Crisafulli, Pumpworks, Folsom Associates, and Tramco Pump.

MV Products unveals a vacuum pump foreline trap to help protect vacuum systems from dangerous byproducts and processes such as drying, distrillation, degassing, and evaporation.

Pentair to acquire Clean Process Technologies (CPT) for its membrane technology and ultrafiltration.

Tsurumi introduces a new pump cable to the European construction, quarrying and mining markets. The extra strong rubber cable is designed to withstand harsh conditions, reducing the risk of pump failure.

According to Reuters, higher oil prices have spurred exploration companies to invest more on drilling equipment, boosting demand for Dover Pump Solutions Group (PSG), industrial pumps and equipment.

Are you looking to purchase an industrial pump for the first time. Check out our tips for starting the pump buying process.