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Scout Guide

The Scout Guide section is a collection of articles written by the PumpScout editors. Our goal is to help guide you through the pump buying and maintenance process. Have comments or suggestions? Send an email to editors-at-pumpscout.com.

Pump Types Guide - Find the right pump for the job

There are lots of pump types available, but which one is right for you? Understanding which pump type you need for your application is critical for reducing costs and increasing the life of your pump and system. We've worked with leading pump experts to put together this comprehensive guide to the most popular pump types.

Getting started - Four tips for starting the pump buying process

Shopping for a pump can be intimidating. There are hundreds of pump types, multiple pump suppliers and a wide range of prices. Knowing a few key pieces of information before you begin will save you time and money. Pump expert Mike Volk offers some advice on starting the pump buying process.

20 pump industry terms you should know

Understanding the important pump industry terms will save you a lot of time when working through the pump buying process. Here are some of the more common terms that will likely come up during your conversations with pump suppliers.