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Internationally recognized as a Specialist in Pumping Reliability, Ross Mackay helps companies reduce their pump operating and maintenance costs. His unique breadth of experience in pumps, seals and pumping systems has been gained through extensive experience in various industries in 33 countries around the world. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Stow College of Engineering in Glasgow, Scotland, he has been associated with such companies as Weir, BW/IP, Sulzer, and Chesterton. He is the author of The Practical Pumping Handbook and the 3-volume DVD training series A Practical Approach to Pumping.

About Ross Mackay Associates Ltd.

The goal of the Mackay Pump School is to fill the gap left by the pump manufacturers who simply sell you the pump and walk away. Our pump reliability training programs are dedicated to help you stop pump failure and reduce pump operating and maintenance costs.

All of our in-house courses are custom tailored to the level of expertise of the participants, and their role in Engineering, Operations and Maintenance. It will also reflect the type of equipment in your plant...and in your particular industry.

During the last 25 years, tens of thousands of pump users have saved millions of dollars as a result of our assistance. Most of that came from attending ‘The Mackay Pump School’ which pioneered the concept of training engineers and technicians to find and correct the root causes of pump problems, rather than just fixing the symptoms.

As a company that specializes in reducing the cost of pump operations and maintenance, we  sincerely believe that we can be of valuable service to your organization by providing pump reliability training programs. Such training can help you upgrade the abilities of your existing personnel to increase the reliability of your equipment, and dramatically reduce the exorbitant cost of pump ownership.