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Looking for a grinder pump manufacturer?

Depending on the application, a grinder pump can be either a positive displacement or centrifugal pump. But which one is right for you? A grinder pump manufacturer can help analyze your system (including head, flow, fluid characteristics) to help determine the right equipment for your job.

Connecting with the right supplier is important, and PumpScout can help. We have listed a few grinder pump manufacturers below, but you can also use the search module to the right of this page to connect with additional suppliers, including local pump distributors.

More information about grinder pumps:

Grinder pumps are used to grind up sewage solids. They are similar to chopper pumps, but while chopper pumps generally operate within a waste water treatment plant, grinder pumps are used in buildings or homes. They process the building’s outgoing wastewater and move it to an external sewer source. In many cases, this is done so that the sewage can be pumped a long distance to the central sewage treatment plant.

There are two main types of grinder pumps:

  • Positive displacement pumps - create constant pressure and are useful where there are frequent anomalies or gas pockets coming through the pump’s input.
  • Centrifugal pumps - accelerate the wastewater to a rate of flow high enough to move it the required distance.

Both positive displacement and centrifugal grinder pumps contain a chamber that grinds the wastewater into slurry before sending it through the pump.

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Here's a great read in The Atlantic highlighting the importance of water pumps -- and the man who repairs them -- to a small Kenyan village. In a farm town as small as Kikuyu, you're in serious trouble if the motor on your water pump breaks down, the writer reports. "Crops wither and die quickly in the sweltering heat. New motors are expensive, and out of the price range of subsistence farmers."

According to a company press release, Jeff Wiemelt will assume the role of president for the Sundyne on January 1, 2012. Wiemelt previously held vice president and general manger of Sundyne Americas and Sundyne Dijon in France.

NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH introduces a new version of its TORNADO rotary lobe pump. The new lobe pump is built to have a long service life and virtually eliminates any possibility of transmission damage due to leakage or contamination.

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