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Irrigation pumps are used in dozens of different types of irrigation systems. An irrigation pump can be a centrifugal or a positive displacement pump depending on the system criteria. To ensure that you are buying the right equipment, it is important that you work directly with an irrigation pump manufacturer.

A manufacturer can analyze your system and make recommendations on the right pump type and installation instructions to ensure that you reduce any unnecessary maintenance costs.

We can recommend several irrigation pump manufacturers. Below are a few, but you can also use the search module to the right of this page to connect with local distributors.

More information about irrigation pumps:

Irrigation systems utilize several different types of pumps. Most require a centrifugal pumps, with the popular being end-suction pumps. However, some irrigation systems use submersible pumps that pump from the bottom of a body of water, and there are also booster pumps, which further pressure water from a source in which the water is already flowing.

Positive displacement pumps are utilized in irrigation systems, including rotary, diaphragm, piston pumps.

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Pipe strain and pump reliability

Incorrectly installed suction and discharge piping can create stresses on the pump casing and thus reducing the reliability of the seal and bearings. Read tips on how to eliminate this occurance.

Choosing the right slurry pump

Author explains the reasons why it's important to determine the right pump type and size when evaluating a pump for a slurry application.

5 key tips for specifying a pump

Pumps are available in many different types and configurations. The key to finding the right pump for the job involves asking the right questions.

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Industry Updates

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Grundfos A/S wins productivity award

Pump manufacturer Grundfos A/S earned the Productivity 2012 Award from the Confederation of Danish Industries, the company recently announced.

Wind-powered water pump system up and running in Colorado

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. announced the successful delivery and operation of a larger wind-powered, water pump system in Colorado.

Double hose - diaphragm pumps guarantee minimum pulsation and wear

Double hose-diaphragm pumps in quintuplex configuration guarantee minimum pulsation and wear. German pump manufacturer Feluwa's Multisafe double hose - diaphragms pumps make easy work of moving aggressive or abrasive products long distrance, according to a company news release.

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Pump Tweets

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According to a company press release, Jeff Wiemelt will assume the role of president for the Sundyne on January 1, 2012. Wiemelt previously held vice president and general manger of Sundyne Americas and Sundyne Dijon in France.

KSB has purchased a majority stake in the Danish pump manufacturer Smedegaard. Smedegaard produces circulating pumps used in heating systems.

Colfax introduces an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications. The calculator allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications. Check it out at the Colfax website.

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