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Magnetic Drive Pump Manufacturers

Looking for a magnetic drive pump manufacturer?

There are dozens of magnetic drive pump manufacturers out there. Some are large multi-national companies and others are boutique companies that sell to a very specialized market. But which one is right for you? We’ve listed a few of the companies that we work with below.

There are many advantages to working directly with a pump manufacturer. They can help you determine the right pump size for your application. An oversized pump can cost too much to operate while an undersized pump may result is high repair costs.

The first thing to do before working with the supplier is to determine your system requirements (flow, head, fluid properties, etc.). This will speed up the purchasing process.

More information about mag drive pumps?

A magnetic drive pump is driven by the use of magnetism rather being directly coupled to a motor. They are designed to eliminate the mechanical shaft seal that a conventional pump requires.

Magnetic drive pumps generally fall into the category of centrifugal type, though there are some magnetic drive rotary gear pumps available. The most common type uses a rotating impeller housed in a round chamber, with the magnets either in the impeller or in the walls of the chamber. When activated, the magnetic force causes the impeller to spin, which draws the fluid through the intake, increases its pressure, and forces it through the outlet.

There that are capable of pumping more viscous fluids, most are designed to pump clean liquids that contain no solids. Solids in the liquid would cause quick failure of the sleeve bearings and thrust surfaces that are inside the pump.

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Industry Updates

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Pump global pump market estimated at $45 billion by 2017

Pumps continue to be big business. The world market for pumps used by industry, municipalities and for irrigation will total an estimated $45 billion by 2017.

Xylem to expand dewatering rental service in Brazil

Xylem plans to expand its dewatering rental departments in Sao Paula, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro and launch new dewatering rental services.

Grundfos celebrates opening of production facility focused on municipal waste water

Grundfos recently celebrated the opening of a new "competency center" in Aurora, outside of Chicago. It's company's first U.S. production facility dedicated exclusively to the municipal waste water market.

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Colfax introduces an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications. The calculator allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications. Check it out at the Colfax website.

United Technologies Corp plans to sell pump manufacturers Milton Roy and Sundyne. Among other things Milton Roy specializes in metering pumps and centrifugal pumps. Sundyne manufactures industrial pumps and compressors for the process fluid and gas industries.

Frost & Sullivan has honored NETZSCH Pumps & Systems with the 2011 Best Practice Award for increased customer benefit. NETZSCH's customer focus and product innovation were a few key factors in winning the award. NETZSCH is a leading manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps, screw pumps, lobe pumps, metering pumps and other equipment.

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