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Product Information

Pipe-Flo was developed in 1982 and is a comprehensive fluid-piping program that designs and simulates operation of fluid piping systems. It is used to design pipelines, size and select pumps, control valves, evaluate field modifications, aid in start-up testing, and monitor system progress. Several add-on programs and tools are available in the Pipe-Flo product line. Engineered Software created a compact version of Pipe-Flo, Flow of Fluids, in 2006 when it partnered with Crane Valve North America.

Pump-Flo allows users to select, size, and configure pumps from over 100 centrifugal and AODD pump manufacturers. Available as both a web-based and desktop program, Pump-Flo is a global leader in pump selection software. A free web-based sizing and selection tool for engineers is also available on the company’s website.

Company Information

Engineered Software provides pipe flow, pump flow, and pump selection software to customers around the world. Its main product lines are Pipe-Flo, Flow of Fluids, and Pump-Flo. Additional services, raining, and publications are designed to help customers get the most out of their software solutions.