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Product Information

EPCON offers a range of fluid flow software solutions that enable users to simulate and analyze fluid flow, oil and gas thermodynamics, physical property components, equipment sizing and cost estimation, flare header analysis, pressure relief valve analysis, and process simulation.

The company’s flagship product, Engineer’s Aide SiNET, allows engineers in the chemical and refining industries to design piping systems efficiently and safely. Its design capabilities include looped and branched systems, up to 1000 pipes, and an array of equipment types. In addition to fluid flow systems design, simulation, and analysis, SiNET also has the ability to estimate equipment cost and quickly generate detailed reports.

EPCON also provides its CHEMPRO Engineering Suite as the ultimate fluid flow simulation and thermodynamic software; it includes SiNET, the company’s 3-phase flash/mixture calculator, and the API Technical Data Book and/or GPA Data Bank at a reduced cost.

Company Information

EPCON International, Inc. developed the first ever suite of engineering software applications in 1984. The company was also the first to develop Windows pipeline sizing software in 1991 and the first comprehensive, interactive computer application of the API Technical Data Book in 2005. An industry leader, EPCON provides fluid flow software to engineers in the oil, gas, petroleum, and chemical industries around the world, including companies such as Chevron, Dow Chemical, and Shell Oil.

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