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Hydro, Inc.

834 W. Madison

Chicago , IL   60607

United States

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Product Information

As an independent pump repair company, Hydro offers a variety of services that aim to increase the efficiency, working life, or effectiveness of pumps. The company conducts independent and unbiased inspections of original pumps that include hundreds of separate readings that record a variety of dimensional data, among other things, to identify capability flaws and recommend best in class design improvements.

Hydro aims to not only repair pumps, but constantly improve upon original designs to give customers higher performance and higher reliability pumps. Among the services the company offers are: quality repair, engineered upgrades, engineering services, engineered replacement parts, emergency services, inspections, rotor centralization, and rotor balancing.

Company Information

Hydro, Inc. was founded in 1969 by a small group of pump engineers in Chicago. Today, it is the world’s largest independent pump repair company, with service centers throughout the world. As an independent pump rebuilding company, Hydro’s mission is to analyze and understand different designs and materials employed by the various OEM's and improve them for their intended service. 

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