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Product Information

VSX-Vogel software offers a variety of pump selection and configuration software systems under the Spaix brand that provides unique solutions for different customer requirements. The program guides the user to select the best pump/configuration for their specific application and then provides them with accurate quote information.

There are three main versions of Spaix pump selection and configuration software in addition to two additional programs that can be purchased separately.

Spaix Quick & Easy offers pump selection and performance curve management without a complete pump configuration and quotation program. Spaix V2 is the desktop-based version compatible with Windows operating systems; this version does not require an internet connection to use. Spaix V3 is the web-based version that allows for website integration; this version can be used globally. Spaix PipeCalc is available as a stand-alone version and provides duty point calculation for the hydraulic selection of centrifugal pumps and covers the friction loss calculation and flow determination. Finally, Spaix Tools offer a comprehensive assortment of add-ons for all Spaix selection programs.

Company Information

VSX - Vogel Software provides pump selection and configuration software to a wide range of businesses and pump users primarily in the pump and chemical industry. The company was founded in Germany in 1993 and currently maintains a presence in more than 40 countries by providing online solutions to some of the largest manufacturers in the world.