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Product Information

Arthur Redman Wilfley was described in a 1927 issue of Engineering and Mining Journal as an inventor-genius who personified Thomas Edisons recipe for genius in that 90% of the ingredients for an inventor is perspiration and 10% is inspiration. Arthur Wilfley had many patented inventions. His two most noteworthy inventions were the revolutionary concentrating Wilfley table for separation of ore and the packingless centrifugal pump.

The invention of the packingless centrifugal pump led Arthur Wilfley and his two sons to establish A.R. Wilfley and Sons, Inc. The first Wilfley pumps were designed for mining applications and the first ones were sold in 1919.

A.R. Wilfley and Sons continues its legacy with pumps and engineering solutions for the most difficult pump installations. Wilfleys Sales personnel are degreed engineers who are able to solve the most difficult pump problems.

Today, Wilfley continues to manufacture centrifugal pumps with advanced seal technology for both abrasive and corrosive applications. Wilfley pumps meet ASME specifications and are available in a variety of materials and configurations. Wilfley maintains its own foundry and provides quality metallurgy second to none. Wilfley also offers axial flow, vertical cantilever and vertical sulfuric acid pumps through its partnership with Ensival-Moret.

Wilfley pumps are designed for maximum seal flexibility and can be tailored to any application. The Wilfley dynamic seal and a selection of single and double mechanical seals are available to meet application needs.

Wilfley pumps have functioned in numerous industries around the world with maximum efficiency and safety for over 90 years.

Contact Wilfley today for a free Application Needs Assessment and find out how Wilfley pumps can improve your operations.

Company Information

Slurry Pumps

- Designed for the most difficult solids-handling applications
- Easy inspection and change-out of key components without disturbing piping.
- The heavy section thickness of the hydraulic components provide for long wear life.
- The Wilfley dynamic seal provides for leak-free reliable operation without requiring seal water.
- This means NO PRODUCT DILUTION and the ability to be RUN DRY.
- Proven performers in tough applications with upset conditions, such as cavitation and momentary dry running.

Chemical Pumps

- Designed to provide for high production with maximum reliability
- 70-80% of pump maintenance is related to seals.
- Wilfleys chemical pumps are designed with maximum seal flexibility.
- The Wilfley dynamic seal and a selection of mechanical seals are available to meet your needs.
- The Wilfley dynamic seal can accommodate difficult applications:
- Varying amounts of solids
- Solutions close to saturation that crystallize
- Low NPSH with intermittent cavitation.
- The Wilfley dynamic seal has no rubbing parts so no continuous seal water is required.
- This means NO PRODUCT DILUTION and the ability to be RUN DRY.
- Robust heavy duty construction that weighs 35-50% more than most ASME specified pumps.
- Heavier hydraulic parts and minimal shaft deflections mean HIGHER reliability andLOWER maintenance costs.

Chemical Slurry Pumps

- Designed specifically for corrosive/slurry applications
- The Wilfley dynamic seal requires no seal water, mechanical seals, or packing.
- Heavy-duty hydraulic components with closed impellers provide long wear life in high wear applications.
- The power frame is designed for high heads and high-density slurries.
- Heavy-duty bearings are oil lubricated with labyrinth end covers to prevent oil contamination.
- Wilfleys chemical slurry pumps are proven performers in difficult applications:
- Corrosive liquids containing solids
- Upset conditions exist like cavitation and momentary dry running

Ensival Moret Pumps

- Wide range of robust horizontal and vertical pumps with proven reliability, designed to operate under the most difficult conditions.
- Engineering expertise to solve challenging problems requiring special designs: extreme temperatures, high pressures
- ISO 9001 certified
- Zero leakage OptimEx canned motor pumps for hazardous environments or dangerous liquids pumps