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Product Information

The Abaque Series peristaltic hose pump is manufactured to handle aggressive, abrasive, viscous, and shear sensitive fluids. The pump operates on the peristaltic pumping principles in which the alternating contraction and relaxation of the hose forces fluids and materials through the pump and into the discharge piping.

The Abaque pump is often used in chemical processing, mining, industrial and municipal water treatment, food, ceramics, and related applications. The Abaque pump has a seal-free design, which eliminates the risk of leaks and allows for dry-run options.

Abaque peristaltic hose pumps

The pump is available from 3/8 inch through 5 inch sizes and has a max flow rate to 339 gpm at 232 psig. The Abaque peristaltic pump also allows for a max viscosity to 185,000 ssu and is available with ductile iron non-wetted component. Depending on the specific application, the pump is available in several hose options, including EPDM, Buna-N, and natural rubber.

Company Information

The Abaque peristaltic hose pump product line is manufactured out of the Mouvex facility based in Auxerre, France. The company is a part of the Pump Solution Group (PSG).

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