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140 Pond View Drive

Meriden, CT   06450

United States

Product Information

The ABS submersible sewage pumps XFP offers you a complete solution for your pumping needs. It does this by a combination of much improved reliability, greater energy saving, the highest level of blockage resistance, future-proof designs and a clear commitment to achieving the highest sustainability in both manufacturing and operation.

The ABS AFL series is a range of submersible mixed flow column pumps for direct installation in discharge pipes that save space and installation costs. They are intended for large flows and moderate heads for storm water, land drainage and flood protection. The ABS AFL can handle sewage from commercial, municipal and industrial sources as well as liquids containing solids and fibrous material.

ABS Grinder Sewage pumps with shredding action used for reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure, using small diameter discharge lines in communal schemes. For effluent removal from houses especially in rural areas where high ground must be overcome, or where only small diameter pipework can be laid.

ABS Drainage pumps are suitable for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. The low weight and compact design makes for convenient transport, handling and installation.

ABS Submersible trash pumps are excellent for pumping trash and water mixed with solids. They have a slim design and low weight, which makes them easy to move and easy to handle.

Company Information

ABS is a world-leading brand with a long tradition in the wastewater industry. ABS offers more than 100 years of application experience and manufacturing of customer-oriented solutions using the latest technology. The result is the development and supply of integrated ABS-branded solutions and individual products for use in the wastewater segments: Domestic and Commercial Wastewater, Wastewater Collection Networks and Wastewater Treatment.

ABS began serving the North American marketplace in 1970, and offer a complete product portfolio of pumps, mixers, agitators, aerators, compressors, control & monitoring equipment, and service with the applications engineering support to help you select the right equipment for the job. ABS also offers pumps for the dewatering market, as well as solutions for pulp & paper applications under the brand name Scanpump.

Our 72,000 square feet Meriden facility houses the latest in state of the art equipment and technology, including a-complete wet and dry pit test facility capable of handling up to 400 horsepower; 24" discharge pumps with flows up to 25,000 GPM, control panel design and manufacturing, and a complete machine shop and service center. ABS ARRA BA products are manufactured here.

ABS firmly believes that the time is now right for advancing the design of submersible wastewater pumping equipment. What was acceptable even five years ago no longer comes close to meeting the ever-changing market needs.