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American Industrial Pumps

American Industrial Pumps

549-C Garcia Ave

Pittsburg, CA   94565

United States

Product Information

ATLAS EQUIPMENT CO - Heavy duty slurry pumps
All-FLO- Air driven double diaphragm pumps.
AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS - Large diversified product line
AMPCO PUMPS -Sanitary pumps for food, beverage, dairy, wine.
BERKELEY- Ag- Irrigation pumps.
CRANE PUMPS - Consisting of Barnes, Burks, Crown, Weinman family of pumps.
ECCENTRIC - Peristaltic hose pumps.
HOMA - Heavy duty submersible pumps (interchangeable with Flygt guiderail systems)
DAKOTA - Complete turn key pre packaged pump stations.
GOULDS - Leader of diversified centrifugal pumps
LOBEPRO ROTARY PUMPS- Rotary Lobe slurry / sludge pumps.
MONARCH PUMPS - Small centrifugal and submersible pumps.
MONOFLO - Progressing cavity pumps, grinders and munchers.
MQ Multiquip - Heavy duty contractors engine driven and electric submersible pumps.
MP Pumps - Unique centrifugal Bio-fuel, centrifugal pumps.
MWI- Moving Water Industries large axial flow & mixed flow pumps up to 800,000 GPM.
PACO - Centrifugal Pumps
PEERLESS - Centrifugal Pumps
TSURUMI - Contractor engine driven & submersible pumps.
TRUFLO - Heavy duty process- ANSI / API / Chemical Duty pumps.
THOMPSON - Municipal type engine driven sewage portable pumps.

Company Information

With a large product line offering American Industrial Pumps takes pride to be able to meet diversified, challenging pumping applications of all types.

Serving customers in some of the following type markets:

Aggregate/Sand/Gravel - Municipal - Food/Sanitary/Wine - Agricultural Irrigation -Remediation - Marine - Waterscape - Contractors - API Refineries - Power plants - Bio Pharmaceutical - Industrial.

American Industrial Pumps can also build custom complete prepackaged engineered sewage / storm water sump pumping systems and domestic water booster systems most commonly used in Municipal type applications.