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Analytical Scientific Instruments

Analytical Scientific Instruments

3023 Research Drive

Richmond, CA   94806

United States

Product Information

Analytical Scientific Instruments (ASI) develops innovative products for HPLC, Micro LC, LC/MS, and UHPLC. We manufacture instruments, components, and consumables. Instruments include: PrimeLine isocratic and gradient Pumps (UHPLC options) with Micro, Analytical, Semi-Prep, and Prep Pump Heads, PrimeLine Syringe Pumps, and Post Column Reactor (PCR) Modules. Components include: QuickSplit Adjustable, Fixed, Makeup, and Multi-Port Flow Splitters, HyperShear Static Mixers (UHPLC options), and FlatLine Pulse Dampers. Consumables include: PrimeLine HPLC Replacement Parts, Filters (ColumnShield and UHPLC UltraShield), Fittings, and Guard columns.

Company Information

Analytical Scientific Instruments, Inc. (ASI) manufactures a broad range of instruments, components, consumables for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and related separation techniques. While some of our products may appear rather routine at first glance, ASI instruments, components, and consumables incorporate technology which is totally unique in the industry. The approach to product development at ASI has always been to build a better mouse trap to solve some of the most vexing problems that chromatographers face. Our solutions include: PrimeLineTM Replacement parts, PrimeLineTM Accessories, PrimeLineTM HPLC Pumps, HyperShearTM Static Mixers, FlatLineTM Pulse Dampers and QuickSplitTM Flow Splitters. Whatever the product, the final test is customer satisfaction, so we go to great lengths to insure all ASI products work as advertised.

We can also apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop custom products to meet your specific OEM and contract manufacturing requirements. ASI has worked with, and designed OEM products for most major HPLC manufacturers. Please let us know if we can provide components or subassemblies for your next HPLC project.